Furniture Receiving Service

Have your furniture delivered to our office and we will deliver to you at a time that suits you.


Amber Moves have fully serviced and insured removal vehicles designed for carrying domestic furniture. We are also experts on parking regulations in London and will take care of any administration required by your local authority.


Have your furniture delivered to our office and we’ll deliver to you at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll also make sure that you’re happy with the placement of your furniture in your home, even if that takes a little bit of time.


Amber Moves have all the relevant tools required to get your furniture into your home safely and securely as well as to set up your new purchase. Whether you need to get a sofa through a window or assemble a new bed, we’ll get your beautiful new furniture set up to your taste.

Every home move is a result of some sort of life change. Sometimes this is quite a dramatic change, like increasing or decreasing the number of people in your house. And sometimes, it’s a more subtle shift, such as getting a slightly swankier apartment following a well-deserved raise.

Regardless of the change in circumstance and the consequent change in location. What often follows, is a change in furniture as well. You need new beds for the extra members of the household. Or perhaps you want a fancier sofa to match your new apartment. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of geometry and the old wardrobe just doesn’t fit in the new bedroom.

Whatever the reason for purchasing new furniture, there is always a question associated with it:



“How are we going to get this big piece of furniture home?”


Furniture Delivery

This question looms large particularly for city-folk who live in our neck of the woods, North London. Many don’t own cars because London provides such a fantastic public transportation system and often restrictive and costly parking availability,

You could have the furniture delivered, but then you will have to stay in all day. At best, the delivery team can give you a four hour slot to aim for. At worst, they lose your furniture in the system and don’t even deliver it on the day that you’ve requested.

The last issue is around access. In general, when you take a look at the small print for the deliveries provided by most furniture suppliers, they are limited in where they will deliver to. For example, generally sofas and such will be delivered to the ground floor. And certainly no effort will be expended to get it to the second floor if there is no lift. And what if the sofa has to go through the window? A typical furniture delivery service is not equipped for that kind of job.

So you’re left having to make friends real quick with your downstairs neighbours, as your brand new sofa is taking up space in the communal hallway.


Take the Stress Out of Home Delivery


Amber Moves suggest a better way to deal with all this. We provide a Furniture Receiving Service, whereby you can have your new furniture delivered to our office. We are here all day, every day. And we can safely and securely receive your furniture whenever the furniture company decides to deliver it.

Once we have received your furniture, we will give you a call to arrange delivery to your home at a time that suits you. We will be prepared for any anomalies associated with your home. For example, if items need to be taken up many flights of stairs; if furniture needs to be assembled on site or if it needs to be taken through a window.

Amber Moves will take the stress out of having large furniture delivered to your home and help you get things set up at a time that suits you.

If you’d like to find out more about this service, then just give us a call on 020 8201 5488 to discuss your requirements, or drop us a line using our enquiry form to the right.

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