Amber Moves Saves The Play

Amber Moves was called in to save the day when an actor had to move home the day of her play’s opening night.

If moving home is stressful, we couldn’t imagine how she was feeling when two big events in her life coincided on the same day. We helped her with the last minute relocation and the crew were treated to tickets for the opening night.

© Impact Theatre Company

© Impact Theatre Company

Reasons Why Removals Work Makes Good Rugby Players

Removals is a physically demanding job. Even our crew members who play rugby say so. That’s why we believe removals work is great training for a rugby player. Think about it:

1. It’s a great cardio workout with loads of stairs to run and plenty of walking involved.

2. It provides opportunities for strength training when it comes to lifting and loading heavy pieces of furniture.

3. It improves foot-eye co-ordination since you’ll have no way of seeing the floor in front of you as you hold a stack of 3 boxes at a time.

4. It’s a team sport as you’ll be relying on your colleagues to play their part – especially on those 2-man lifts – in order to complete the job.

5. It focuses on endurance training as removal day is usually 10 hours long with no breaks and no substitutes.

6. It’s all about the fans because just like any sports team plays for their supporters, a removal team works for their customers. The customer’s satisfaction is just as fulfilling as the roar of the crowd.

We would love to help some of the rugby teams with their training during this year’s Rugby World Cup.

© Men’s Health Magazine

© Men’s Health Magazine

“Can You Move My Apple Tree?”

Last week we had quite an unusual request: “Can you move my apple tree?” We’ve moved plants in pots before – big ones, small ones – but never an actual tree that was planted in the ground.

To be fair, the customer had planned to remove the 6-foot tree himself and replant it but had injured his back a few days before moving day. So he asked us if we could help him with his dilemma and our team of 4 set to work digging up his beloved apple tree, wrapping the roots in a plastic cover, securing it in the van for transfer, and then replanting it on the other side.

It was a first for us, but yet again our team went above and beyond to satisfy the customer.

Apple tree

“Different” Office Moves

Normally when we’re approached for office moves we need to know how many desks are to be dismantled, how many chairs to be stacked, how many computers to be packed away. These items are what make up “work stations” as we call it. But that’s not always the case when the company is a fashion house or cooking studio.

One may need more crates for moving clothing and sewing machines across, while the other may require no crates but only strong people to lift heavy surfaces and equipment. If your office move is “a little different” it’s right up our alley. We work to accommodate your needs and aim to get your new “office” – in whatever form that takes – set up beautifully.

Moving A Property Chain

This week we had 2 instances where we moved two people in the same house chain – two customers moving in and out of the same property. There are a couple of benefits to doing things this way.

Logistically, we can ensure that we finish and start on time since it can sometimes happen that we have arrived at the new property waiting for those people to vacate their home. However, we can’t speed up the handing over of keys.

Parking costs at the in/out address can be split between the two customers as parking arrangements are usually for day-long periods. Not only is it slightly cheaper for the customer, it’s also less admin for us as it’s a two-for-one kind of deal and we can take advantage of the parking for the entire day.

We would suggest that the two parties who will be moving out and in of the same property keep in touch and communicate as to when keys are likely to be exchanged as well as who is responsible for cleaning the property.

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is the day Americans celebrate their country’s independence from Great Britain. But it seems Great Britain cannot break free from the United States if our customers’ belongings are anything to go by.

Besides the large American furniture that we’ve come across, the most common item we see in British homes is the American Fridge-Freezer. These are larger than the regular fridge-freezers as they have 2 doors and wide drawers which means that a little more work is required to remove them from the property. With it’s greater size and weight the fridge doors may need to be removed and 3 men are required to carry it instead of the usual team of 2.

To all our American customers, we wish you a happy Independence Day!

It’s A Small World

London is by no means a small city but it certainly feels like it when one of our longest serving crew leaders tells us that the customer he moved today was only a few houses away from two previous customers he helped move into the same street. And that those older customers are still living there because one of them came out to greet him after seeing our bright orange vans.

© Amber Moves

© Amber Moves

Waiting To Move In

So you’re finally moving home but the new place isn’t available the same date that you need to vacate the old property. Sometimes the delay is a few days, other times it’s a week or more. Why not temporarily store your items while you wait to gain access to your new home? We can temporarily store your belongings while you lodge at a comfy hotel waiting to move in to your new home.

© Amber Moves

© Amber Moves

Masters of Removals

Amber Moves graduated with a Masters in Removals after we recently completed a move for a college that hosts 30,000 students a year. The move was carried out across 8 days in two phases. Over 700 man hours were spent dismantling, moving and reassembling desks, IT equipment, and a massive library, while trying to cause the least amount of disruption to the students and their learning.

© Amber Moves

© Amber Moves

Cardboard Furniture

Imagine owning furniture that is not only sturdy and robust but also lightweight and cheap. Well, stop imagining because it’s real; created by Zach Rotholz, Chairigami furniture is made of local, recycled materials, is lightweight, flat-packed, and easy to assemble. The furniture was designed specifically for students who need to move their items around quite often. This would make moving home much easier for the nomads among us.

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